About Us
Located in the Stop & Shop Plaza, on Route 6 in Somerset, our salon has offered services to women, men and children since 1986! Our stylists have years of experience, and hands that work miracles. 

We employee 14 stylists and 4 front desk personnel.

We have an intensive stylist training program.  Every stylist is a Cosmetology School graduate, licensed by the state of 
Massachusetts when they are hired, but we "start from scratch".  
Our training program teaches specialized cutting techniques, color applications, and perm standards.  Our high standards mean, 1 in 4 applicants successfully completes our program. You get the 
"cream of the crop".  We are justifiably proud of our stylists!

Our Front Desk personnel are trained to anticipate and accommodate your needs.   We serve you before you know you need us!  They have extensive sensitivity training, as well as time management, computer, telephone etiquette skills and more, ensuring your visit is a pleasure from start to finish.

All of us receive training in guest relations and customer service.  
Training that teaches each of us superior listening skills. You will 
have a comfortable and stress-free service when you visit.  No more hoping that your stylist heard and understood what you wanted. 

About Us
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Established in 1986 

Owner..................Margaret Daniel 

Manager..............Chelsea Rousseau     5  years
Our principles of excellence are dedicated to:

 Doris Baillargeon
My business partner and mentor.
Margaret E Daniel
Should a salon experience be more than "Just" a haircut?
Oh, yes!  
Spend some time at 
Daniel & Company and feel the difference. 
From the moment you walk in you 
become "part of the family"   
Relax, enjoy "the show" and share a laugh or two. 
Our goal is to have you leave looking gorgeous, 
smiling and wanting more!